False Pretenses
Felonious Assault
Financial Transaction 
Firearm Charges
Grand Theft
Gun Dealer Violations
Hit and Run
Identity Theft
Indecent Exposure
Insurance Fraud
Internet Fraud / Theft
Intimidation / Witness / Jury
Juvenile Cases
Larceny by Conversion
Larceny by False Pretenses
Larceny From a Building
Larceny From a Motor Vehicle
Larceny From a Person
Leaving the Scene of an  Accident
Loan Sharking
Malicious Mischief
Marijuana / Delivery / Possession

Money Laundering
No-Account Check
Non-Sufficient Funds 
Official Misconduct
Obstruction of Justice
Paraphernalia Delivery  
Probation Violations
Public Indecency
Public Nudity
Reckless Conduct
Resisting Arrest
Retail Theft
Sexual Assault / Abuse
Terrorist Threats
Unlawful Solicitation
Unlawful Use of a Weapon
Vehicular Manslaughter
Violation of Order of PPO
Violation of Restraining Order
Weapons Charges

Aggravated Battery
Aggravated Assault
Armed Violence
Child Abuse
Child Molestation
Child Neglect
Child Pornography
Cocaine Possession 
Computer Hacking
Credit Card Fraud
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Damage to Property
Criminal Sexual Conduct
Cruelty to Animals
Deceptive Practice
Disorderly Conduct
Domestice Violence
Drivers License Restoration
Drug Charges - 
Exhibition of Obscene Matter
Failure to Appear 

Charges We Defend 
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Consult With Our Detroit Criminal Defense Attorneys About Your Case
Our Detroit criminal defense lawyers offer experienced, compassionate, and dedicated representation on behalf of adults and juveniles.
Jeffrey Weberman or this law firm cannot guarantee you the same results but he can guarantee he will fight just as hard for your case. No matter what crime you are charged with Jeffrey Weberman is ready to handle your case. Call today for a FREE consultation.
If you are under investigation, have been charged with a crime or if your freedom is at stake in Michigan, contact a defense lawyer you can count on throughout the criminal justice process. Our criminal defense lawyers defend clients charged with any and all misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses in Michigan.

Drug Offenses: From buy and bust cases to possession or conspiracy, our law firm has the experience to work for the best disposition of your case. 

Violent Crimes: Murder, assault, armed robbery and other crimes of violence are serious crimes that require an experienced criminal defense lawyer. 

White Collar Crimes: If you have been charged with money laundering, identity theft, fraud or computer crimes, contact our criminal defense attorney. 

DUI Defense: You can fight the charges. Call Our Detroit Metro Metro defense lawyers to protect your criminal record and driving privileges. 

Domestic Violence: Family offense accusations such as domestic assault and endangering a child can have long-term consequences. Protect your rights. 

Juvenile Offenses: Make sure your child understands all the options available including alternatives to incarceration . 

Sex Offenses: Sex crimes, such as rape, child pornography and sexual assault, are among the toughest to deal with. Make sure you have an experienced defense attorney who will fight for you and your rights. 

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime in Michigan, you need an aggressive Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney. You need a criminal lawyer devoted to, and passionate about, defending the criminally accused.
More Results 

August 2013 : Domestic Violence -------- Verdict ----- Not Guilty 

August 2013 : Open Intoxication --- Reduced to Blocking Sidewalk - Fine only with no record  

August, 2013: Urinated In Public ------ Reduced to Blocking Sidewalk - Fine only with no record  

May, 2011:  Arm Robbery – Felony Firearm -------- Verdict "Not Guilty" 
Case called : People -vs- Phillips (Wayne County MI) 

Client Charged with CSC3 and Assault Jury Verdict  " Not Guilty"  
People -vs- Ahmad (Oakland County,MI)  

Client charged with 8 Counts CSC1 Case "dismissed" on Motion in Wayne County (client name: Withhold) 

Client charged with Felony Firearm and Assault: Jury Verdict " Not Guilty" Wayne County People -vs- Mustfa 

Client Charged with CSC3 & CSC 4 in Wayne County - Jury Verdict "Not Guilty"  

Client Charged with prostitution in Detroit - Case dismissed. 

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Handled Over 1000's of Criminal Cases Including DUI In Detroit Area. 
We Get Results 
Driving While Licensed Suspended 
Dismissed (Troy Court- MI) 

Domestic Violence  (November 23, 2016) Dismissed (Detroit Court) 
Larceny By False Pretenses
Dismissed (Redford Court) 
Larceny from a Motor Vehicle- Not Guilty
Carrying a Concealed Weapon- Not Guilty
Fleeing and Eluding- Not Guilty
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon- Not Guilty
Felony Firearm- Not Guilty
Domestic Violence- Not Guilty

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Detained or Arrested at Detroit Airport 

Our criminal defense attorneys represent Common cases include criminal accusations for the following offenses:

Possession of marijuana;
Possession of a concealed weapon (including knifes and firearms) either with or without a concealed weapons permit;
Disorderly conduct or intoxication;
Felon in Possession of Ammunition- Not Guilty
Allowing Unlicensed Person to Drive- Not Guilty
Offer For Prostitution- Dismissed 
Driving While Lic Suspended   Dismissed in Ann Arbor 

We provide skilled and aggressive representation in criminal defense matters in Detroit, Wayne county, Frank Murphy Hall Of Justice, Macomb County and Oakland County (MI).
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We defend people charged with felonies, misdemeanors, DUI, federal crimes and police investigation 




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In Michigan Best Criminal Defense, Experience Matters

A criminal conviction in the state of Michigan will drastically affect the rest of your life, including job prospects and your family. In addition, Michigan has mandatory sentencing laws mean that conviction for many criminal offenses carries mandatory prison sentences such as felony firearm or criminal sexual conduct in 3rd degree. Our best criminal defense lawyers have provided successful representation to hundreds of clients in state and federal criminal defense matters. 

In Defense of Liberty of the Accused

Our goals are the same as those of our clients': to help the accused avoid jail or prison, to get fines, charges, punishments, penalties, and sentences reduced; to suppress evidence which was improperly obtained, to get cases dismissed, and to expunge offenses after a conviction is on record.

How We Do It

We are experienced at working with the District Attorney's office. We challenge the prosecution case to prove every single piece of evidence that is used to support the charges against our clients. 

Can the prosecutor prove his case?
Was evidence gathered legally?
Are witnesses credible?
Was improper entrapment a tool of the prosecution? 

Each case has unique set of facts and circumstances, and in order to defend a criminal defense case successfully in metro Detroit, it is very important that an attorney has the opportunity to thoroughly review the evidence against you, as well as the details of your arrest. In many cases, overzealous law enforcement has violated correct police procedure or your rights as a citizen during the arrest. You should contact our criminal defense lawyers as quickly after your arrest as possible to determine how best to move forward with your case.  

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Advanta Law Firm 
Larceny from a Motor Vehicle- Not Guilty
Carrying a Concealed Weapon- Not Guilty
Fleeing and Eluding- Not Guilty
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon- Not Guilty
Felony Firearm- Not Guilty
Domestic Violence- Not Guilty

Whatever charges you face, from murder, sex crime and rape, to robbery and manslaughter, we are experienced in providing a quality service throughout your case.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Promises You:
We will treat you as an individual not a case number. We will listen to you.
We will give you straight forward honest advice that you understand.
We are available almost 24/7 365 days a year.
We will provide you with expert advice and we will defend you from the bottom our heart 
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Police will break the law, threaten or lie to you to get what they want.... They want you to admit or to admit to something may be you did not do.  
Full Criminal Defense Representation In Michigan Criminal Courts  
We Handle Traffic Violations, DUI, Misdemeanor & Felonies 
If you have been charged with a crime, or think you are going to be, contact our criminal defense lawyers today.
If you have been charged with a crime, you must attend court as failure to do so lead to the issuing of a warrant for your arrest and a further action may be taken by the court such as the court may revoke your bond. 

The Fourteenth Amendment requires to

Provide due process of law in all actions including criminal laws.
give equal protection to all citizens.

The Fourth Amendment

Protects people from unreasonable police searches and seizures.

Eighth Amendment 

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

The Sixth Amendment guarantees an accused person the right

to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury.
to be informed of the charges and evidence.
to be present when witnesses testify against him/ her.
to have a lawyer and call witnesses in defense.
We are committed to providing excellent client care and have a reputation for achieving the best outcomes for our clients. 
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It is very important to remain silent, focused and to take every steps necessary to ensure that all of your rights are protected.

You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Invoke your rights! Say, “I wish to remain silent and I would like to talk to a lawyer.” 

Then try.....

Speak With Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Today. 

Make sure that your attorney is present for any questioning.
Below are some of the types of criminal cases we handle:

Drunk Driving
Drug Charges
Juvenile Charges
Property Charges
Sex Charges
Traffic Violations
Violent Crimes
Disorderly Conduct
We are the criminal lawyers that have proven results  
If You've Been Accused Or Charged With A Crime In Michigan? Call Us

Do Not Say Anything! 
Remain Silent!
Some police use the following so you can talk ....... 

"We have someone who will testify against you"
 “I’m going to search you for my own safety.”