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The prosecution of Internet sex crimes has increased in recent years due to a proliferation in child pornography and chat rooms where the online solicitation of minors occurs. Many people charged with an Internet sex crime do not realize what they were doing was wrong. Some people may have let someone borrow their computer and unknowingly committed an Internet sex crime. Additionally, police and law enforcement agencies use sting operations and other entrapment methods to catch people who do not know they are committing a crime.  At THE INDEPENDENCE LAW ASSOCIATES., PLC, our criminal defense lawyers work with investigators, computer professionals, and other forensic experts in defending those facing Internet sex crimes charges.

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Convictions on sexual offenses, including those involving the Internet, carry serious consequences. Among these consequences are jail time and mandatory registration as an online sex offender. Michigan 's sex offender registry can be accessed by the general public and includes pictures and addresses of offenders.

We defend Michiganders who are under surveillance by law enforcement authorities, have been accused, have been charged, or have been convicted of a wide range of Internet sex crimes, including the following:

Production of child pornography for distribution online
Hosting or viewing Web sites containing pornographic images including child subjects
Downloading or distributing child pornography
Internet stalking / cyber stalking
Internet solicitation of minors through chat rooms and other computer-based forums with the intent of initiating sexual contact
Managing or participating in Internet prostitution rings, whether as facilitator, prostitute, or customer

We begin every Internet sex crimes case with a free, confidential initial consultation. Once a client chooses us to defend him or her, we undertake a detailed investigation. We often find that the evidence of the prosecution is inconclusive, was obtained through improper entrapment or other illegal means, or comes from witnesses whose credibility is questionable.

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We will make sure your side of the story gets told and use a variety of techniques to have you cleared of all charges, including:

Polygraph Test
Forensic Analysis
Intent to Fabricate
DNA Tests
Extensive Witness Interviews

Sex Online - Websites galore offer services for companionship as a cover up for prostitution. Acting as potential customers for these Internet-based sites, law enforcement agencies are able to distinguish the legal from the illegal and make prostitution arrests accordingly. In  Wayne County and Macomb , law enforcement is especially targeting online personal profile ads, such as those seen on Craig's List.org. With increasing Internet usage, sex-oriented websites are under close scrutiny for suspicious illegal sexual activities.

Internet Solicitation of a child or minor

If you use the internet to lure a child to engage in sexual activity which is illegal in the state where the sex would occur, you could be convicted of internet solicitation of a child or minor. This is so even if the minor is an undercover agent or cop. Internet solicitation of a minor is a common federal or state computer sex crime. In some computer sex cases, it is best to hire computers experts. Computer experts can analyze each computer, which may help with the defense.

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